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The 2014 AP Chemistry Exam occurs in
2014 AP Chemistry Exam:
Monday, May 5, 2014
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Helpful Chemistry Websites and Tutorials

AP Chemistry Topical Printable Guides

- Acids and Bases
- Chemical Equlibrium
- Electrochemistry
- Entropy and Free Energy
- Kinetics
- Precipitation Reactions
- Predicting Chemical Reaction Types

Chemistry Tutorials

- Naming Ionic Compounds
- Predicting Products of a Chemical Reaction
- Stoichiometry
- Balancing Redox Equations
- Naming Hydrocarbons
- Net Ionic Equations
- PowerPoint Tutorials
- Study Flash Cards

Chemistry Websites

- AP Chemistry Online Interactive Review Quizzes
- Periodic Table Trends
- Tutorials On All
- Web
- Periodic Table
- MSU - Organic Chemistry
- Monatomic Concentration Game
- Polyatomic Concentration Game
- Interactive Quiz Directory
- ACD Structure Drawing Applet
- Programs for TI-83 Graphing Calculator

Chemistry Online Tutorials
Powered by Lowell High AP Chemistry
Spring 2009 Semester Final Project

- Acids
- Acid-Base Stoichiometry
- Acid-Base Titrations
- Atomic Structure — As It Relates to Electrons
- Bases
- Bonding and Energy
- Buffers
- Coulomb's law and related topics
- Delta H, S, and G, and how it relates to K and E (cell potential)
- Equilibrium
- Galvanic Cells, Nernst equation, Cell Potentials
- Gas Laws
- Glassware and Labware
- Historical Experiments that Determined the Composition of the Atom
- Intermolecular forces
- Ksp and Complex Ions
- Lewis Dot Structures and Resonance
- Naming Ions, Compounds, Acids, etc.
- Nuclear Chemistry
- Organic Chemistry Nomenclature
- Periodic Trends
- Phase Diagrams, Vapor Pressure / Heating and Cooling Curves
- Polymers
- Precipitation Reactions, Solubility, and Precipitates
- Rate Laws and Kinetics
- Redox Reactions
- Solids
- Solution Stoichiometry
- Solutions (Including Colligative Properties)
- Specific Heat Capacity and Heats of Vaporization/Fusion, etc.
- Stoichiometry
- Thermochemistry — Calorimetry, Hess's law, etc.

Lowell Chemistry Textbooks 2013-2014

[Regular Chem Text]
Chemistry (Grades 10-12)

World of Chemistry
Zumdahl, Zumdahl, DeCoste (2002)
[Honors Chem Text]
Chemistry Honors (Grades 10-12)

Olmsted & Williams, 4th Ed. (2004)
[AP Chem Text]
AP Chemistry (Grades 11-12)

Zumdahl, 7th Ed. (2007)
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