Do you have children who are suffering from hearing loss? There is a close relationship between the frequency that we hear and the pitch that we can listen to, especially in the beginning. Most people can listen to high rises for a few short seconds, but it can be like living in a cave for those who cannot. Some people can hear high pitches in the beginning while others cannot; it has something to do with the physics of the human ear.
First of all, it is essential to understand what happens when you begin to lose your hearing. In most cases, this occurs due to trauma to the ear, either through being bitten by a dog or being shot with a gun. When this happens, scarring occurs in the ear canal, a thin tube that carries sound waves from the middle ear to the outer ear. When this becomes damaged, the amount of high-frequency sounds that reach the inner ear becomes reduced, ultimately resulting in hearing loss.
Fortunately, many things can be done to help remedy the situation. The first thing that doctors recommend is taking steps that will retrain the ear canal. For example, when a child first begins to lose their hearing, they are encouraged to avoid overexposure to loud noises. However, since this is not always possible, it is essential to expose the ear to many low-frequency sounds.
Of course, another factor of this type of science is understanding how the physiology of the ear works. For example, it is well known that humans only detect sounds within about 20 feet of the eardrum. The biology of this mechanism is the key to treating hearing loss and restoring the ability to perceive high pitches. A team of scientists led by David Freiberg of the University of Toronto has spent several years studying the cochlea’s response to different types of high-pitched sounds.
What they found is that the response does not change depending on the pitch. This was a significant breakthrough in this area of science. Furthermore, they showed that hearing is not affected simply by being exposed to louder sounds. Instead, there is a biological reason for the perceived pitch difference. As a result, they have developed new tests that can determine precisely what is causing the problem.
For the past few decades, science has struggled to find a cure for hearing loss. However, they have successfully found solutions for restoring some function to the inner ear in recent years. So, if you have a loss of hearing, you should start researching your options for hearing restoration soon.


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