Computers and technology are constantly growing in both size and importance, making computer science one of the most important fields of study today. To be successful in this profession, one knows many different types of technology, both traditional and new. Software engineering helps to create, design, and analyze software systems. Software engineers are responsible for ensuring the usability of computers, networks, devices, and software in various situations ranging from office and corporate work to entertainment and education. The following short definitions are based upon those used by the leading professional societies of this field.

Computer software is the application of computer science principles to software systems and hardware. This includes areas such as program design, specification, optimization, software implementation, and maintenance. Typically, computer-based engineers perform the following tasks:

Implement a piece of code.

  • Use it in a virtual environment.
  • Examine it for functionality, usability, security, and robustness.

These professionals often collaborate with other specialists and must be highly skilled in communication and collaboration.

Hardware designers create and manage computer hardware. They are primarily responsible for creating computer hardware products such as motherboards, processors, keyboards, monitors, and drives. Hardware engineers are also involved in designing and producing computer software, such as operating systems, application software, database software, networking technology, and security software. In addition, they are likely to work directly with the customer to provide computer systems that satisfy their needs. A career in computer engineering can be very rewarding in that a designer can help shape the future of technology.

Programmers write computer code that runs on a specific computer system, such as a browser or operating system. They are primarily concerned with using computer resources such as memory, processing power, and hard drive space. Programmers also must be highly skilled at finding effective ways to make the most of these resources while providing a reliable and secure system.

Computer software developers design software programs that perform specific tasks. In the past, software developers were primarily involved in creating computer software that ran on large mainframe computers at major corporations. Today, however, more information technology departments are creating and maintaining their proprietary information systems. A career in information technology is an exciting career choice because you always learn new things to enhance your skills. You can pursue several different careers involving information systems, ranging from webmaster and developer positions to marketing, engineering, and software development positions.

CC 2021 was introduced to be accredited by other state boards in 2021. CC 2021 standards for computer software require general computer literacy skills, such as understanding how to input data, finding support files, and deleting data. You must also read and interpret large numbers of instructions with a clear and concise syntax. While it may be tempting to design complex or proprietary systems, this approach can be harmful in the long run. Due to advances in computing and the ever-changing needs of businesses, many business owners are hiring information technology (IT) professionals to create the most efficient, secure, and intelligent systems possible.


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