Over the past twenty years, science has advanced so quickly that new and improved technology has allowed for the production of incredibly powerful paint. It is called “Terra grey”, and it is so powerful that scientists have dubbed it a Super White. But, does this paint have the ability to solve the problem of global warming? Can it help us restore the Earth’s balance to live on its surface once again? Can The World’s Whitest White Paint do all that it promises to do?
The answer is “yes”. Terra-gray can absorb up to ten times more UV than other paints. It is so effective that it may help to prevent skin cancer and sunburn damage. That sounds great, but does science have any objective evidence that it works?
The short answer is… yes, and no. Yes, because the Earth’s climate has been changing for millions of years and has been primarily controlled by nature. Yes, because the phenomenon known as global warming/ climate change is caused by artificial, carbon-dioxide emissions, which are increasing in quantity at an alarming rate. No, because science has not been able to determine how the paint helps reduce global warming.
Unfortunately, science does not have the answers we need. We know more than most people, and what we learn is often disregarded or criticized. For instance, one controversy recently involves whether or not teachers should mention the “carbon dioxide footprint” of their students. A group of Michigan school districts sent a letter to educators saying that mentioning the fact that carbon dioxide is the leading cause of recent global warming was not appropriate. Why note that one of the leading causes of climate change is greenhouse gases when you disagree with it?
Science is only valid, as it shows us what is real. Unfortunately, there are more theories in existence than there are facts. While some scientists have argued over the evidence linking global warming to carbon dioxide, others have shown that the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere is far higher than previously thought. While the debate continues, many people are asking, “Is the world’s whitest white paint a cure-all to global warming?” If not, then why use it in classrooms?
It is important to remember that education is not an end-all. Teachers should not be able to influence young minds. They should teach students about real-world issues but should not impose their personal beliefs on them. Using creative ideas such as painting classrooms with white paint and other environmental products may have an educational benefit, but it cannot be considered a substitute for educating yourself. Educate yourself and let the knowledge of others speak for themselves.


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